Tuesday, December 6th, 2016


The Divorce Anthem

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

That used to be the anthem we blasted on our radios as loud as can be…now the tune can equate fear. I think the most difficult part of summer break is unilateral for all parents; keeping your children occupied. Twice as hard when you have to split time with an EX. Of course it is important for parents to spend as much quality time with their children as they can, but add Divorce into the mix and you have yourself a real fun uphill battle.

If you are in a high conflict situation with your co-parent it may not be the best idea for the kids to be switching back and forth between co-parents very often during the summer months. When dealing with divorce and summer break you must always have the benefit and welfare of your children as your number one priority. If your current situation with the co-parent is unsuitable for your children to be around consider having them spend the summer with relatives or at a summer camp. It is also always a good idea to discuss with your kids about summer plans prior to their summer break and to come up with options and hear their opinions.


An Ad Doesn’t Go to Court with You

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

An Ad Doesn’t Go to Court with You

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

Finding the right attorney is a daunting task, right up there with the prospect of divorce itself. There are ‘one stop shop’ attorneys who practice many areas of law. There are attorneys who have built a reputation for toughness, being the best ‘arguer’ in town. There are others that believe you don’t need attorneys at all. On this, I assure you, very few couples fall into this last category.

Believe it or not, your attorney is a reflection of the type of divorce you are about to embark on. Not all divorces need to be amicable, however, beginning the process with an attorney who says that they are the toughest around says something very clear, and only you can decide if that message is the right fit for a family already going through a difficult time.

In addition, while attorneys are able to practice in more than one area of law, I have found that those who focus on one particular area simply know their field the best. Attorneys who primarily practice family law/divorce, know the judges, the other divorce attorneys and have the most up to date and relevant case knowledge.

Googling “best or toughest divorce attorney” may only help you find the attorneys with the best paid placement, not necessarily the best skills. There is no substitute for word of mouth when it comes to hiring an attorney. Ironically, some recent divorcees may refer you to their former spouse’s attorney because they were more effective.

At your initial consultation, bring a list of questions. These are basic and easy to find online, so I am going to suggest questions you should ask yourself after your first consultation. (more…)

The Divorced or Separated Back to School Guidebook

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

The Divorced or Separated Back to School Guidebook

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

Summer went by faster than expected yet again and school is back in session. That means a change of schedule, a change of weather and — when you’re divorced — a change in how you need to interact with your ex.

After all, just because you are no longer husband and wife (or boyfriend and girlfriend), you are still mom and dad. With school starting, this means you both need to be on the same page with how you’re going to manage transitions and support your child’s scholastic needs.

This is no easy task. It requires a mix of little details and big picture thinking. In some cases, it requires re-imagining trusted traditions (where will the “first day” photos be taken?) or re-arranging work schedules. In all cases, it requires that you and your ex bring your best selves to your relationship with your kids and each other.

Kids who are focused on succeeding in school, typically succeed in life. Do whatever you can to help them focus. Eliminate relationship drama and give them the security of knowing both parents are engaged.

Kids don’t care if it’s “your week” or not. Showing up for school events sends a strong message, one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Often, a child’s emotional struggles manifest in school work. If your child is struggling academically and your efforts are failing to yield results, consider seeking professional help. Redirection is easier months into their struggle instead of years into their struggle.

Here are some suggestions. (more…)

Small Town Equals Divorce Reputation Divorce Coaching Part Four

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Small Town Equals Divorce Reputation Divorce Coaching Part Four

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

As part of our continuing series on divorce coaching, this month we focus on your reputation. It’s important to have strategies in place to help you manage your reputation.

Follow the Two-Sentence Rule The two-sentence rule is the best defense against saying too much when someone other than a close friend asks you how your divorce is going. Have a two-sentence answer scripted, rehearsed, and ready to go – something like, “It’s been hard, but I’m getting through it. Thanks for asking.” Then, when a casual acquaintance asks you what’s going on, you’ll know exactly what to say.

Don’t Have ‘Negative’ on your Facebook page The first place your ex’s divorce lawyer is going to look for embarrassing evidence to use against you is your social media accounts. It’s not just what you write on your own page that can be scrutinized: any comment you make on anyone else’s page is also fair game. Most lawyers advise their clients to shut down all social media accounts until their divorce is final.


Law Office of Steven B. Chroman P.C. Santa Clarita Divorce Article: Time for A New Year and A New You!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

JUST DO IT! Time for A New Year and A New You!

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

This year, D-Day falls on January 5. It is the start of the first full working week after New Year’s, and the day when warring spouses are most likely to instigate divorce proceedings against one another.

After holding fire over the festive season, whether for the sake of the children, the relatives or appearances, more couples seek to end their marriages in early January than at any other time of the year.

About 1.8 million married couples consider splitting up over the festive period. Three quarters of New Year divorces are instigated by women who, by and large, are less willing to settle for an unsatisfactory relationship than they were in less emancipated times.

A survey carried out by advice website reveals that infidelity is the main cause, followed by abuse, boredom and a lack of intimacy (from both parties).  People are quicker to throw in the towel on a bad marriage than ever before.  The trend is definitely to move on as soon as you know it’s truly over, rather than clinging onto the wreck of a bad relationship, year after year.”


Law Office of Steven B. Chroman P.C. Santa Clarita Divorce Article: “Will you divorce with me?”

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

“Will you divorce with me?”

We Are In This Together

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law


Ironic no? Will you Marry Me, and ‘We are in this together,’ change a couple words around and I think I just proposed to you? Oddly similar to when you are falling in love and living in that weird ‘love haze’, when you are falling out of it, and in a new kind of ‘separation or divorce haze’, you just may need a snap out of it eye opener. Who ever invented Valentine’s Day really does need to read the real story behind it. That my friends is marketing at its best. So, here is your snap out of it list to keep things straight in your head, in your heart and in your mind, when choosing an attorney.  While I hope the Law Office of Steven B. Chroman is your ultimate choice, I believe everyone deserves to find the right match for themselves.  Here’s to loving again and finding the way to your ‘Happily Ever After.’  Ask these questions when interviewing an attorney.


Concerning general experience:

•           How long have you been in practice?

•           Are you experienced in unbundled divorce services, mediation, and trial?

•           Do you know my husband (or wife)?

•           Do you know his or her attorney? (more…)

Law Office of Steven B. Chroman P.C. Santa Clarita Divorce Article: Divorce sucks, but yes, I’ve heard that one before…

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Divorce sucks, but yes, I’ve heard that one before…

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

I’m going to be one of the few Lawyers to say it, but I’ve heard it all. I’m not saying this to be cocky or arrogant, I am saying this because if you are reading this, it’s because you are in the divorce section, looking potentially for an attorney and deciding when and how you will make your move as the holidays and a New Year approaches. That or you are reading it for a friend or loved one. How do I know this? Because, I’ve heard it all before, and for you, that’s a good thing because support systems matter.

I’m not implying you won’t receive individualized attention (in fact we pride ourselves on that vs. some of the larger firms out here) and I am not insinuating that your case doesn’t have its own unique nuances, but what I am saying is that I know the system, I know the players, I know the way things tend to fall and I am honest with my clients about all of the above. Just like I am saying it now.

Speak with your friends and commiserate. Go out or stay in. Cry or laugh. Do all the things you can read about in magazines, and then come in for your complimentary consultation where we can discuss your case, I can listen and give you guided professional advice as to your specific situation. You won’t scare me away, because I’ve heard it all before and then some and you will get to see if our practice is the right fit for your case.

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from our divorce coaching dialogue which we offer in addition to our legal services.

  -If you act inappropriately by being rude or disrespectful or not mindful of the judge’s orders or comments, you will dig yourself a hole that it is nearly impossible to escape from.

 – Visit the courthouse/court room in advance of your hearing- see how people act, dress, when they arrive, and how the judge acts.

  -Always say thank you to the judge at the end of your hearing, even if the outcome is less than desired.  You are thanking the judge for his/her time and consideration, even if s/he didn’t agree with you.

  -Do not interrupt the judge. Ever.

  – If you are represented by counsel, you may not speak directly to your opponent’s attorney, and conversely, your opponent’s attorney may not speak to you without your attorney present.

  -If you call or write to your opponent’s attorney when you are represented, it is not only a bad idea, but the attorney will not speak to you because of this rule.

  -Judges are people, too. This means that not only do they have bad days and make bad decisions sometimes, but also they differ in their approach to certain issues.

For more information and a complimentary consultation regarding all dissolution matters, custody, support, pre and post nups, contact the Law Office of Steven B. Chroman, P.C. at 661-255- 1800 or visit us at

Author of the #1 Best Selling Divorce Workbook, visit

Huffington Post Article: When Divorcing a Narcissist, Prepare for the Rage

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

When Divorcing a Narcissist, Prepare for the Rage

By: Lindsey Ellison at Huffington Post 

When you first met your narcissist, you probably once viewed him as a majesty who could give you the keys to his fairytale kingdom. His charm, wit and charismatic personality won you over, because you so badly craved a prince charming to save you. Conversely, your needing a prince charming is exactly what attracted him to you, as it gave him the opportunity to validate his narcissistic fantasies of himself, that he is, indeed, a fairytale prince.

But now that you’re married, your prince charming has turned into a monster, and his once magical kingdom is now your inescapable cage.

Two things may happen: You will stay in the marriage and endure many more years of abuse, to the point where your low self-esteem tells you there are no other options. Or, you will have had enough and decide to divorce him.

The latter (in which you divorce him) may be the first time in your life where you are setting boundaries. You have come to the conclusion that you deserve better and you refuse to tolerate bad behavior.

But this one victorious act of boundary setting is what makes for a potentially horrific divorce. Few victims are prepared for it, and their lack of preparation can cost them thousands of dollars in attorney fees, leaving them broke and emotionally drained.


Huffington Post Article: 16 Reasons To Be Grateful For Divorce (Yes, Divorce)

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

16 Reasons To Be Grateful For Divorce (Yes, Divorce)

By: Brittany Wong at Huffington Post 

Divorce may seem like an odd thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. But as plenty of HuffPost Divorce readers and bloggers will tell you, nothing forces you to reevaluate your priorities quite like a split.

Below, they share the new relationships, opportunities and strengthened bonds with their kids that made their divorces entirely worth the trouble.

1. “I am thankful to be able to breathe again. I no longer walk on eggshells.” –Tamara W.

2. “My divorce made me a stronger, more secure woman. I had no idea until after the divorce was final what an impact his hostility had on me. To be honest, divorcing him was the best decision I’ve ever made.” –Teresa F.

3. “I’m grateful I have sole custody of my daughter! I have raised her myself for seven years now. I wouldn’t change a thing. I found out what kind of man and father I was because of my divorce. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.” –Doug S.

4. “I’m thankful for my divorce because through it I learned the truth of the saying, ‘Sometimes good things have to fall apart so that better things can come together.’ Nearly five years after my first marriage failed, I’m a blissful newlywed of three weeks! He is -– and we are –- so much better than I could have imagined.” –Penney Berryman


SVC élite Magazine: Honoring the Ultimate Business Professionals

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

SVC élite Magazine: Honoring the Ultimate Business Professionals

In 2010, élite Magazine kicked off the élite Ultimate Awards, honoring our very own in Santa Clarita.  Throughout the years, more and more readers have been voting for their favorites, so we decided to add a new category to start off 2015, the élite Ultimate Business Professionals.

Get ready to nominate the best of the best!

We are kicking off our 5th Annual Ultimate Awards with the élite Ultimate Business Professional Awards.  From the Ultimate Family Lawyer, the Ultimate Estate Planning to the Ultimate CPA and more, simply enter your name and tell us who you believe is the best of the best. Just visit our website to vote and tell the community that you helped decide which medical professionals are among Santa Clarita’s Best- the Ultimate.  
See if your favorites take the top prize as winners of the Ultimate Business Professionals will be published in the June issue of élite Magazine.

Give your Ultimate choices a time to shine, and let the community know who you think is the best of the best-The Ultimate.

Please vote for our office for the Ultimate Business Professionals award.

You can submit your vote digitally via SVC élite Magazine website:

Enter your Name, Email, Subject (Honoring the Ultimate Business Professionals), and Message (Nominate the Law Offices of Steven B. Chroman, P. C. at 28494 Westinghouse Place, Suite 115 because….).

You can also submit a vote by facsimile at 661-294-4442 or by mail to 28318 Constellation Road, Valencia, California 91355.

Your vote is greatly appreciated.

Deadline for submission for the Ultimate Business Professional is January 31.  Nominate your Ultimate Business Professionals today!