Divorce Workbook



Save crucial time and money with this workbook, written by Steven Chroman, an LA attorney with over 16 years of Family and Divorce Law Experience.

This is a workbook that talks you through your first steps when not only mentally, but systematically preparing yourself for a separation or a divorce.
 This book will help guide you through the initial process and help you start out on the right foot with proper preparation, knowing what you need to understand, be aware of, and specifically what documents you need to compile.

Topics covered are:

– Financial issues

– Mediation

– Pre and post nuptial plans

– Domestic violence

This is a straight forward, simple book. The intention is to not overwhelm you with what if’s and what next. This is a short book to help you focus on the immediate next steps and what you should be thinking about as well as the mind frame I suggest for proceeding.

This is a trying time for you and being overwhelmed with information is not the answer. Having a clear mind as to what you need to be doing will help you decide what your next steps are and should be.