Divorcing the Turkey

Divorcing the Turkey

Our Turkey Statement of Thanks

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law


The holidays are here! Either you love this time of year or you hate it. Add separation or divorce into the mix and it can amplify those feelings, ten-fold.


The time spent with family and friends, can easily turn into finding out who your family and friends really are. The time spent reflecting on the past year can also be a time to reflect on who you’ve been and who you want to be moving forward.


Working out stress and anger can be done with new gym memberships and time to yourself, or you can keep yourself busy with all of the upcoming parties, or hermit away until the New Year bell rings.


We’ve all been there one way or another in life. Life is a roller coaster of emotions and people, families and loved ones.  Going through divorce are especially susceptible to enhanced, raw, misunderstood and painful emotions. Others may feel joy and optimism. That is what is special about the holidays. They bring out something different in everyone. While the holidays are supposed to be about loving and giving, they have in some respect oddly turned into a time of material acquisitions and fighting over ‘stuff’.

This is what I call the ‘Holiday Divorce’. Material acquisitions, taking, giving, loving, learning, reflecting and moving onto the next phase of your life.


What can often be the hardest time of the year CAN be life changing for you if you have the right support system around you. That includes having the right legal team to support and guide you; one who also offers Divorce Coaching, mediation and some flat fee options.


A free consultation is not our ‘sales gimmick’, it is an opportunity to meet us, hear how we do business and make sure we are the right fit for your support team, and vice versa.


I usually write an article about co-parenting, time-share and ways to make the holidays easier, and I direct you to the chromanlaw blog or one of our social media pages to read articles and insights from the past, however this time of year is for thanks.


Thank you. We built our practice here in Santa Clarita, and we want to thank you for being supportive of us as we to continue to be to our current and all future clients.


Happy Thanksgiving from The Law Office of Steven B. Chroman


For more information and to schedule your free consultation, please call The Law Offices of Steven B. Chroman, P.C., at 661-255-1800. Mr. Chroman is a Trusted Advisor Award Winner and named Top 100 California Attorneys with over 19 years of experience and local service.

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