Halloween Stereotypes Costumes During Divorce

Halloween Stereotypes Costumes During Divorce

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

There’s not really a good time of year for divorce. But splitting up right before Halloween is particularly horrifying. If you have kids you can’t just sit the season out – you have to make as though you’re merry, even when you’re teary. The right costume can give you a boost of empowerment that will help you get through the next two months and the holidays.
Here is the lowdown on dressing up: The name of the game is to avoid costumes that play into how society portrays divorcing people or how your ex is trying to depict you specifically. It is no easy task considering the way Halloween depicts (women especially) into stereotypes, that we all find not only cliché, but if you stop and think about it, insulting.
Examples of costumes that you may want to avoid:

• Witch or Blood Sucking Vampire: I don’t think this one even needs a description

• Divorcees Gone Wild: Stay away from any costume that could be described as “sexy [insert noun here].” Or wait until the divorce is final.

• Mental Patient or Ax Murderer: Nothing is scarier than a violent plus crazy combo package. Divorce is the leading cause of temporary insanity, so people already suspect you’re crazy. Don’t finish the job by making them think you’re violent, too.
Examples of costumes you may want to consider:

• Real Life Heroes: Pick a costume that highlights the demanding and important work you’re doing right now. There are plenty to choose from: firefighter, Navy SEAL, and SWAT team negotiator are just a few possibilities.

• Super Heroes: During your divorce it’s common to feel like you need super-human strength just to get through the day. You’ll be so amazed at what you’re withstanding you might wonder if you actually have some super powers you never knew about.

• Think Strength: WWE professional wrestler (strength and humor), or pretty much any member of Congress (straight up comedy).


You don’t have to be a magician to turn Halloween into an opportunity to fortify both your spirits and your reputation. By choosing a costume that reflects the real you rather than one that perpetuates a stereotype, you can be the master of your own universe, and that’s the best treat of all.
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