Law Office of Steven B. Chroman P.C. Santa Clarita Divorce Article: Mediation, is it the choice for you?

Mediation, is it the choice for you?
By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

I’m going to save you a couple weeks, months, if not years in answering this frequent question. Take a brief moment to review the essential questions below.

  • Have you and your spouse come to a peaceful agreement to end your marriage?
  • Has your marriage been free of spouse or child abuse?
  • If you have children, are you reasonably certain you and your spouse can reach a peaceful, fair and reasonable agreement regarding child visitation, custody and child support for years to come?
  • Are you confident you and your spouse can cooperate to form a fair agreement regarding the division of all your property, retirement funds, assets and payments of debt?
  • Do both you and your spouse have access to all financial information including taxes, retirement accounts, debts, and assets in your name, your spouse’s name and in both your name?
  • Have there been no previous legal proceedings instituted for divorce, legal separation, child custody, or domestic violence between you and your spouse?

If you answer YES to all of the following questions, then mediation may work for you and your spouse.

If however, any of the answers to the previous questions are NO, then there little doubt you need the experienced aid of an experienced family law attorney.

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