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JUST DO IT! Time for A New Year and A New You!

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

This year, D-Day falls on January 5. It is the start of the first full working week after New Year’s, and the day when warring spouses are most likely to instigate divorce proceedings against one another.

After holding fire over the festive season, whether for the sake of the children, the relatives or appearances, more couples seek to end their marriages in early January than at any other time of the year.

About 1.8 million married couples consider splitting up over the festive period. Three quarters of New Year divorces are instigated by women who, by and large, are less willing to settle for an unsatisfactory relationship than they were in less emancipated times.

A survey carried out by advice website reveals that infidelity is the main cause, followed by abuse, boredom and a lack of intimacy (from both parties).  People are quicker to throw in the towel on a bad marriage than ever before.  The trend is definitely to move on as soon as you know it’s truly over, rather than clinging onto the wreck of a bad relationship, year after year.”

Certain key periods when marriages are likely to break up are: within the first two years of tying the knot, when children are below the age of 11, and after the children have left for college.  There has also been a massive jump in the number of over-60s splitting up, 48% percent, as couples discover spending more time together in retirement brings its own pressures.

Taking the drama out of divorce is a good start. People who feel wounded and angry are often tempted to throw tantrums, both privately and in public. While the pain is understandable, there is little to be gained from a poisoned atmosphere. This is your time to take back your life and do what is best for YOU!

There are ways to end a relationship that don’t involve stabbing your partner in the back or using the children as pawns to get at your soon-to-be-ex.  Nevertheless, as D-Day looms, it is possible to start on a positive note: January also sees an annual peak in the number of people getting a fresh start, a new outlook on life and a chance at happiness. Let us help you find your path.  Our office offers mediation services, divorce coaching and more than just divorce.

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