Law Office of Steven B. Chroman P.C. Santa Clarita Divorce Article: “Will you divorce with me?”

“Will you divorce with me?”

We Are In This Together

By Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law


Ironic no? Will you Marry Me, and ‘We are in this together,’ change a couple words around and I think I just proposed to you? Oddly similar to when you are falling in love and living in that weird ‘love haze’, when you are falling out of it, and in a new kind of ‘separation or divorce haze’, you just may need a snap out of it eye opener. Who ever invented Valentine’s Day really does need to read the real story behind it. That my friends is marketing at its best. So, here is your snap out of it list to keep things straight in your head, in your heart and in your mind, when choosing an attorney.  While I hope the Law Office of Steven B. Chroman is your ultimate choice, I believe everyone deserves to find the right match for themselves.  Here’s to loving again and finding the way to your ‘Happily Ever After.’  Ask these questions when interviewing an attorney.


Concerning general experience:

•           How long have you been in practice?

•           Are you experienced in unbundled divorce services, mediation, and trial?

•           Do you know my husband (or wife)?

•           Do you know his or her attorney?

Ask about day-to-day operations:

•           Who will be assisting you on my case?

•           Are you available to take phone calls and if not, who will?

•           Will I get copies or emails of all papers (letters, faxes, legal papers) in my case?

Make sure the fees are clear:

•           What is your hourly billing rate?

•           What is the associate’s billing rate?

•           Do you charge a retainer, and how much is it?

•           What happens when the retainer is used up?

•           What happens if I get behind on the bills?

(If you aren’t going with our firm be sure to ask other firms these two questions!)

•           How much am I billed for copies of all relevant documents?

•           Am I billed for telephone calls and if so do you have a minimum unit of time you bill me for?


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