Mediated Divorce Attorney
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Dispute Resolution and Private Mediation

Mediation can help couples resolve their disputes by:

– Helping narrow the issues between the parties to facilitate compromise and settlement.

– Helping get an accurate sense of the relative strength of each party’s position.

– Helping maintain control of the agreement between the parties, as opposed to the court dictating the terms after a trial.

– Helping avoid the expense, stress, and unpredictable nature of a contested trial.

Private mediation is a confidential process with a neutral facilitator, the mediator, who assists the parties in arriving at an agreement on specific issues. It is critically important that the parties trust the mediator, and trust that their discussions will remain absolutely confidential. This well-respected form is an opportunity to settle any and all matters raised in the family law case.

With private mediation, any issue may be presented for resolution, from spousal support, to the division of assets and debts, to the ownership and control of the couple’s favorite pet. When the resolved issues are written into a mediation agreement, and signed by the parties, the result is a signed document that will be signed by the Court as well, and become Court orders.

Mediation almost always represents a cost-savings for the parties. The fewer issues in dispute, the fewer issues that are litigated. Of course, if a full settlement is reached, then there is no need for a trial — the parties resolved their issues without turning to the court for a final decision.

Every disputed issue has the potential of being fully resolved through mediation. Even when a trial is scheduled, many issues can be mediated successfully in advance of trial, removing those settled matters from the Court.