Modification of Orders

When Circumstances Change, Seek Legal Help

Life goes on after divorce. Ex-spouses remarry, move away, get new jobs or get laid off. Children grow, change and leave the nest. As circumstances change, the original divorce decree may cease to reflect reality or cease to work.

The Law Office of Steven B. Chroman provides insightful legal counsel for post-decree modifications of child support, alimony, child custody and other modifiable terms of the divorce settlement. We emphasize negotiated solutions that you control, but we are also known for effective courtroom advocacy when these conflicts must be decided by a judge.

Child Custody Modification, Child Support or Alimony Modification

Our experienced family law attorneys have handled every scenario in which parents and ex-spouses need to revisit court orders, including modifications of:

  • Primary child custody — petition for sole custody, older child switching households
  • Visitation — amount of parenting time, supervised/unsupervised
  • Parenting schedules — new work hours, children’s activities, etc.
  • Residency — parent relocation
  • Child Support— increase, decrease or terminate
  • Spousal Support (alimony) — increase, decrease or terminate

We work with clients to help them accommodate changing circumstances related to their children.

Ideally, we can negotiate and draft a new parenting plan or your mutual agreement to modify support to be submitted to the court for approval. Our lawyers are familiar with the law and what the judges will allow.

In contested proceedings, we develop case presentations that make the issues clear to the family court judges who review petitions and render decisions. Our knowledge of which facts are important to the court and which issues are not relevant helps clients put their best foot forward in these complex and contentious disputes.