Resolutions, Divorce and the New Year

Resolutions, Divorce and the New Year

By: Steven B. Chroman, Attorney at Law

If you are making the choice to sever your marriage in 2017, here are some resolutions to add to your list.

Line up your priorities. Is it finding a home? Is it financial? Getting a job? Managing a special-needs child in the face of divorce? Jot down your most important priorities down to the small things that can wait. Having these priorities in line can help you systematically cope with the difficulties of divorce.

-Build A Network

Some family or friends may be more absent than you had predicted or hoped. Gather yourself tightly around those who do support you and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Going through a divorce, especially with children, is tough.

-Rebuild Your Career

If a divorce means returning to work or searching elsewhere for more pay, start to touch base with your contacts and go to any and all networking events that you can. Ask colleagues or former colleagues to take a look at your résumé and explain you’re looking for work.

-Get Your Paperwork In Line

1. Copy all year end financial statements that will soon be arriving. These include all work related (W2s, 1099s, 401(k), IRA, pension) and personal bank and investment statements.

2. Run a credit report.

3. Make sure you have a credit card in your own name.

4. Get copies of the past two years’ income tax returns.

5. Create a safe place to send and receive information ( P.O. Box/new email address).

6. Change passwords on all social media accounts and refrain from posting anything that would upset your children or spouse.

7. Start listing parenting issues and visitation options.

8. Identify any medical or dental appointments that are needed before a potential change in your insurance coverage.

9. Remove all of your copies of the above items, along with any personal, irreplaceable items, from your home and leave them with a trusted friend or family member.

You’ve probably just managed to make this the last good holiday for the family as it was. You showed respect for each other, saved the arguments for another day, and now will try to start a new tradition for yourself this year.

I am not a divorce advocate but I am an advocate for anyone going through divorce. I believe we should all live happily and it’s better to live alone than in a lonely, unhappy or harmful marriage.


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