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How Much Does the Average Divorce Really Cost? By: Law Office of Steven B. Chroman P.C. Santa Clarita Divorce Article

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce can tell you, it’s expensive for anyone at any financial level. So, how much does the average divorce really cost? Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one.

Breaking Down the Costs:

While there may still be plenty of ads promoting a “Quick and Easy Divorce for $299,” that price is usually an upsell with lots of hidden fees.  You get what you pay for is a saying for a reason.

Here are just a few items of the fees and costs divorcing couples can expect to pay:

  • Attorney’s fees
  • Court costs
  • Costs for parent education classes
  • Fees for early neutral evaluations
  • Mediation costs

And if there is real estate involved, you can also expect to pay:

  • Refinancing costs
  • Recording deed costs
  • Added hourly attorney’s fees
  • Appraisal costs

Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to get away without spending what it cost to get married on your divorce.

How to Keep Your Costs Low:

  1. Know What You’re Agreeing To

The real cost of divorce can come from not understanding the financial consequences of a settlement. Hidden taxes, underperforming investments, depreciating assets and a budget that cannot withstand the pressures of inflation will cause people to literally go bankrupt as a result of divorce. The cost of an attorney, or court costs, often pale by comparison.

  1. Act Fast

The number one factor for cost in a divorce is how long the case lasts. The more time a lawyer works on the divorce, the more costly it becomes. Coming to agreements and keeping down the fighting helps.

  1. Play Nice

As pointed out above, coming to an agreement with your ex will help you move your divorce along faster. While nobody wants to go through a divorce, if you are going to have your marriage break up, it’s best that it be amicable if possible. The more you and your spouse can work out on your own, the cheaper the divorce will be.

  1. Sign a Pre-Nup or Get a Post-Nup

While you may not be able to go back in time and get a pre-nup, you can look into a post nup agreement. It is still the best way to keep costs down when it comes to divorce.

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